One of the brilliant minds working on a hack, Laud Bentil from the team “Smart Borla”, seemed overly enthusiastic about their hygiene project which consisted of three stages. “Science is a tool that can solve economic problems” he started, the project is mainly about the recycle of rubbish. “The first stage in our project is gathering waste in a bin where rubbish collectors are notified when the bin is getting full.”

The next stage is sorting out the rubbish. Separating the metals from the plastics and papers.” The bin would notify the waste collectors if the bin is full depending on the weight of the rubbish that it has collected.” Smart Borla would try to do an incentive program that would compensate the rubbish collectors e.g. giving a full bag of sachet water in exchange for a full bag of sachet water rubbish.

“The third stage involves processing the waste into finished goods like hats, plastic pellets etc.” this helps reduce the amount of waste that has to be disposed of.

When asked about his feelings toward Science Hack Day, this is what Laud had to say, “It’s a cool event and I think it can help students most especially in solving societal problems.” He also felt that Science Hack Day should have specific themes, for example the project being presented should relate to the theme of the event, like “solving waste problems in the country,”

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